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The web, and therefore the design thereof, changes at a frantic pace. Ten years ago, the web was primarily long lines of text broken into the occasional paragraph. Then came images (and blessedly so), followed by animated gifs (less blessedly so), image rollovers, image slicing, nested tables, flash buttons and flash intros.

But this is the 21st century, and we’ve (mostly) moved on from such practices. The web is a more beautiful, more user-friendly place than it was even five years ago. We’ve developed new practices, new ways of doing things.

Times have changed. It’s time you changed with it.

What’s that you say? You’re still using tables and image slicing to do most of your work? Your front page is wrapped in half a dozen frames? Times have changed, my friend! It’s time you changed with it.

Or perhaps you’re new to this whole web design thing. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? But you’re at an advantage: you don’t have to trudge through those decades of inaccessible and inextensible coding practices. You can jump right in, right now, at the cutting edge.

So whether you’re a web veteran looking to update your toolbox or a web newbie looking to start clean, this is the site for you. Stick around. You might learn something.

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