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All of us are smarter and more well informed than one of us. That’s the concept behind the community news section of CSS Newbie. When you find an enlightening article related to web design on the web, share it! We’ll all benefit as a result.

How Does it Work?

Lots of sites have community news sections these days, but CSS Newbie’s works a little different. There’s no special form on my website to fill out, no moderator deciding what is or isn’t newsworthy, no hoops to jump through. To submit news to this site, all you need to do is:

  1. Submit the article to your favorite bookmarking site* and tag the article with “cssnewbiewnews” (and any other tags you’d like to use).
  2. Repeat step 1.
  3. Profit.

That’s really all there is to it! Your submission will show up automatically within an hour or so.

* Currently, the only bookmarking sites this works with are Delicious and Ma.gnolia, but theoretically, it could work with any bookmarking site that has an RSS feed and allows you to tag articles. If you have a favorite that isn’t currently listed, contact me and let me know about it.

What Should I Submit?

Any article you think the web development community would benefit from reading. You’re allowed (nay, encouraged!) to submit articles that you’ve written yourself.

What Shouldn’t I Submit?

Here are some general guidelines on what not to submit:

  • Articles that have nothing to do with web design.
  • Blatant advertisements.
  • The same article, over and over again.

As long as you adhere to these general (and, I think, fair) guidelines, this experiment in social media should be a successful one. However, if spammers, abusers, and haters of the commons become too prolific, I’ll be forced to find another way to support the community.

Share and Enjoy !

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