Making a Sphere in CSS

Published January 9, 2013 by saurav.roy.

CSS Sphere

Traditionally, the web has been a static, two dimensional space. CSS allowed us to modify the width and height of elements on our websites, but it has been difficult to create a sense of depth without using lots of extra images, and creating motion has always been the realm of Flash or JavaScript. Happily, this is changing.

CSS3 provides us with a slew of new tools that allow us to do some fantastic things simply — things that would have required extra images at the least, or an entirely different language more commonly, to accomplish. And while browser support isn’t always the best for these new tools yet, sometimes it’s fun to play with what the web of tomorrow offers instead of dealing with the web of today or yesteryear.

Today, let’s start with something simple: we’ll turn a regular, blocky old element into a sphere. Read On…

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