A JavaScript Currency Conversion Script

Published November 28, 2011 by saurav.roy.

It turns out that converting random numbers into formatted currency (with dollar signs, commas, and periods) is more difficult in JavaScript than I would have expected. There’s no built-in function for it, and it’s something I run into a lot. The function I wrote has worked well for me on a couple of projects now, so I thought I’d share it with you-all.

The little JavaScript function below does exactly one thing: it converts numbers (integers, floats, strings, whatever) into formatted currency. My example is in US dollars, but it’d be a quick change to make it work for other currencies as well.

The Problem This Solves

I wrote this script because I had to display dollar amounts in a “friendly” format in several places on a website, but I wasn’t being handed friendly numbers by the server. The numbers never included commas, of course. But there’s also the problem of whole-dollar and multiple-of-ten-cent amounts: I would have “500” when the user would expect “500.00”, or “250.2” when the user would expect “250.20”. Read On…

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