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Published November 10, 2008 by saurav.roy.

A couple of months back, I ran a contest for my subscribers here on CSS Newbie. The prize was a copy of Eric Meyer’s pocket CSS reference book and a plug on my site. The winner of that contest was one Matthew Moro. Hopefully, Matthew has received his book by now. And, finally, this is his plug. :)

Matthew runs a website called, a CSS-phillic resource for web developers whose mastery of the Italian language (which is limited to barely deciphering the menu at our local Spaghetti Works) far exceeds my own. Luckily, Google’s translation of seems to be fairly accurate – giving me a window into the sort of work Matthew is doing. is part of a larger network of tech-related blogs in the Italian language. Other blogs include for Linux users and for PHP aficionados (to borrow a Spanish phrase).

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