15 Surefire Ways to Break Your CSS

Published March 26, 2009 by saurav.roy.

'Fixed' by Don Fulano. Used under a Creative Commons license.

The life of a CSS developer isn’t all about attending glamorous champagne parties, jet-setting around the world and hanging out with supermodels. In fact, when your CSS doesn’t behave the way it should, the job can be downright tedious. I’ve spent untold hours of my life debugging my code — and I’m guessing I’m not alone here.

But as silly as it may seem, some of the biggest CSS blunders stem from the simplest of errors. Knowing what some of those errors are and remembering to look for them can save you hours of wasted labor. Here are fifteen ways I’ve found to break my CSS for sure — and fifteen things I always look for whenever I have a problem in my code. Read On…

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