Build a Bare-Bones WordPress 2.8+ Widget

Published December 21, 2009 by saurav.roy.

This tutorial is going to be a little more advanced than some of the fare around here, but in the end you’ll have all the information you need to know to create your very own WordPress widget! And that’s worth the effort, I think. However, you will need to understand a little bit of PHP for this to make much sense.

Widgets — essentially fancy drag-and-drop plugins, commonly used in sidebars — have existed in WordPress for quite some time, but with the release of WordPress 2.8, developers have a brand new widget API that makes creating widgets for WordPress a little bit easier. This tutorial will use the new system for developing our barebones “Hello World” widget.

Download the zipped source code here.

I should also note up front that this isn’t the only way to build a widget. This is simply the way I have learned, and a way that is compatible with the new WordPress 2.8+ widget API. Read On…

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